31 Jan 2017

Peking Opera



On the evening of September 2nd, Sydney HSK Centre invited Sydney Chinese Opera Association to bring traditional Peking Opera into our centre. Teacher Wangjie’s “pear flower praise”, Commander Ding’s “Bao Long Tu”and children’s“Jin Yu Nu”“Play Lanterns”performance impressed the students and made them enjoy the charm of Peking Opera. Makeup, Baotou, putting on Peking Opera costumes, learning the simple spoken parts and gestures excited our foreign friends. Teacher Wangjie brought the black embroidered robe of Justice Bao and the white embroidered robe of BiGan. Huo Yan Ling and Bess brought their new costumes as well. Bess and Han Yue Ling took more than two hours for two girls to make up, and then the two girls became pretty “Tiannv”and beautiful “Yuji”.


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