HSK Level 1

The HSK level 1 Course is designed for learners who have no prior knowledge of Chinese and wish to achieve basic skills in the Chinese language for the purposes of further study, communication, travel and enjoyment. This course for beginners is designed to help you start to develop some Chinese vocabulary and simple grammatical sentences. It is designed for the students who wish to use Chinese to say ‘hello’ to friends, count in Chinese and ask for street directions when visiting China.


*There are no prior learning requirements for this course.

Course Content

  1. Greeting + Introduction
  2. Ability
  3. Date + Time
  4. Food + drinks
  5. Location
  6. Jobs
  7. Weather
  8. Shopping
  9. Transportation
  10. Common Communication Tools of Chinese People


You will be able to:

  1. Greet people formally and informally
  2. Introduce yourself and others
  3. Discuss and gather personal information about jobs, nationalities and age
  4. Discuss family members and marital status
  5. Ask the time and date
  6. Describe daily activities
  7. Make suggestions

Grammar points

  1. The “是” Sentence + Interrogative Sentences with “吗”
  2. Numbers below 100
  3. Expression of a Date: month, date, day of the week
  4. Question words: “什么”, “呢”, “吧”, “谁”
  5. The measure words “个” and “口”
  6. The Modal Verb “会” “能” “想”


120 new words

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