HSK Level 6

The HSK Level 6 course is designed for learners who have studied Chinese for 120+ hours. As well as for any learners who have achieved a sound knowledge of Chinese. The course is designed to serve students who wish to cultivate an appreciation for Chinese life and society through the language and culture and to nurture practical Chinese language skills that may be used for professional purposes. Upon successful completion of the course, students can expect to have more confidence in their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Learners will be able to understand longer narratives and sustain comprehension in communication with native speakers. Also learners will be able to write paragraphs using intermediate vocabulary and more complicated structures. Students will also have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

 Prior Learning Requirements

  • Placement test

A free placement test will be required before you enrol in this class. The class teacher will grade your test on the spot and allocate your class. Please remember to order a placement test in advance.

Course Content

  1. Moments of life
  2. Unwilling to be mediocre
  3. Colorful society
  4. Traveling around the world
  5. Our beautiful world


You will be able to:

  1. Discuss social life in China
  2. Discuss issues in China
  3. Use more slang, proverbs and idioms
  4. Give a speech at a social occasion or present a report at a business event
  5. Communicate at a higher level in a variety of contexts
  6. Understand spoken and written Mandarin in a variety of contexts

Grammar points

据悉 v. it is reported

况且 conj. moreover,besides, in addition

起初 n.at first,in the beginning

以便 conj.so that, in order to

而已 part. nothing more, only

巴不得 v.to be only too anxious(to do sth),to be eager

不料 conj. unexpectedly, to one’s surprise

不由得 adv. can’t help (doing sth)

Key vocabulary

1409 new words

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