31 Jan 2017

The Year of the Rooster 春晚 2017年

Sydney HSK Centre春节活动 2017年1月27日



Sydney HSK Centre joined the 2017 Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations held at the Sydney Museum of Art in Circular Quay. Some of the HSK Centre’s students along with other China enthusiasts from the Sydney area made there way to the celebrations to enjoy the traditional Peking Opera costumes coupled with various dances and Chinese traditional performances. There was a special appearance by one of our CCTV Chinese Competition contestants who sang a husky edition of the Chinese classic ‘I Love You China’.

It is always a pleasure to partake in this event and having many members from the CCTV Chinese Competition having the chance to meet up again. Finally, as the evening drew to a close, the celebrations were met with with an uplifting fireworks display over the harbour as the Sydney Opera House burst into a deep shade of red, ushering in the Chinese New Year.

Happy Year of the Rooster everyone!

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