HSK Level 3

The HSK level 3 covers 300 words and related language points for the HSK Level 3 exam. After completing the book, students can pass the HSK Level 3 exam and reach the appropriate Chinese level.This course builds on grammar points and aims to double the number of characters a student can recognise. The topics covered give the student a greater level of expression in their everyday life. Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (level 2) have a excellent grasp of basic Chinese and can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

Prior Learning Requirements

  • Replacement test
  • HSK 2 or equivalent

Course Content

  1. Weekend Activities
  2. Beverage & Fruits
  3. Describe person
  4. Subjects
  5. Equipment
  6. Traditional Sports in China
  7. Family members
  8. Moods
  9. Furniture
  10. Social Etiquette in China


You will be able to:

  1. Discuss the weekend activities
  2. Order food and drinks
  3. Be able to discuss something with someone
  4. Talk about Subjects and Furniture
  5. Express moods exactly
  6. Be able to make a dialogue with language points and grammar
  7. Understand and learn more Chinese Culture

Grammar points

1. Complements of Possibility

2. The “把” Sentence + The “被” Sentence

3. Complements of Direction

4. The Structure “又 …又…”

5. The Structure “先…,再…, 然后…”

6. The Structure “如果 …, 就…” ; “只要…就…” ; “只有…才…”

7. Complements of State

8. Comparative Sentences

9. Expression of Approximate

10. The Successive Occurrence of Two Actions




  • Key vocabularies 300


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