HSK Level 5

The HSK Level 5 is intended for senior Chinese learners. By this stage, a wide range of topics can be discussed using reasonably accurate grammar to convey meaning in spoken Chinese. Writing skills are becoming stronger and the ability to listen requires less effort. Learners at the HSK 5 level are also less dependent on Pinyin as they gradually become more comfortable reading and using authentic materials written only in characters.

 Prior Learning Requirements

  • Placement test

A free placement test will be required before you enrol in this class. The class teacher will grade your test on the spot and allocate your class. Please remember to order a placement test in advance.

Course Content

  • Understanding Life
  • Talking about the Past and the Present
  • Listening to Stories and Anecdotes
  • Approaching Science
  • Seeing the World
  • Cultivating Physical and Mental Health
  • Cultural exchange
  • Understanding education
  • Feelings about life
  • Focusing on economy


You will be able to:

  1. Discuss the Past and the Present
  2. Be familiar with different types of articles
  3. Discuss Cultural exchange
  4. Discuss Education Situation
  5. Know more words and phrases about economy
  6. Talk about health conditions and see a doctor
  7. Plan a leisure activity
  8. Discuss the difference between Chinese food and Western food

Grammar points

不得了adj. extremely, exceedingly

反正 adv.(use to indicate the same result despite different circumstance) anyway, no matter what

难怪 V. to be understandable, to be reasonable

假如 conj. If, in case

万一 conj.in case, if by any chance

除非 conj. only if, unless

不见得 adv. not necessarily, may not

总之 conj. in short, in brief

反而 adv. on the contrary, instead

Key vocabularies

999 new words

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