04 Feb 2018

A wonderful place to learn Chinese!

Sydney HSK Centre is located in bustling heart of Sydney’s CBD. With convenient transport options, it is the perfect choice for students who want to learn Chinese. The Centre has dedicated learning spaces, great teaching facilities and an excellent team of teaching professionals, who really care about the success of their students. There are a wide range of classes offered each day, from beginners to advanced levels and even VIP commercial classes. The small class sizes give students plenty of opportunity to practise their speaking skills each class. Apart from the standard textbooks, the Centre also holds many Chinese books on geography, history, calligraphy and Chinese customs and traditions, which are available for student use.

As the only official testing centre for Chinese HSK proficiency examinations, the Centre is able to easily help students register for all of the different HSK examinations, including HSKK and YCT. We also provide fantastic training which helps all our students properly prepare and gives them the best possible chance at passing the HSK examination. In order to give students the opportunity to also experience the hidden gems of the Chinese culture, we offer a number of special cultural activities, including Chinese language corner, Beijing opera activity, the Mid Autumn Festival Forum and the Chinese New Year Gala. This way, as students attend classes they learn about Chinese culture, and after class they are able to experience it for themselves. To further enhance the learning experiences of students, we’ve also introduced special courses, such as inviting kungfu teachers, artists and Chinese classical music teachers to give performances and provide training to our students. At the students request, this year we will be inviting a famous kungfu master to provide ongoing training to our students, which is sure to be one of the highlights for many students.

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