My View on Love

We will talk about the following topics.
Would you like to talk about romance with us?
Does love mean growing old together?
Does love mean being a transitory romantic?
Can you define what love is?
Love is eternal, while happiness can’t only have one criteria.
Here is a multicultural spiritual feast for you.
Would you like to find a soul mate?
Would you like to practise your English or Chinese?
Would you like to solve love relationship problems?
Would you like to learn about different cultures?

On the 9th August 2022, there will be a “My View On Love” bilingual exchange meeting.

Accompanied by the coming Chinese Valentine’s Day on 7th August, the “My View On Love” bilingual exchange meeting

will be held on 9th August Friday. We warmly welcome you to come and join with us.

Registration email

Time: 6pm, 9th August 2019, Friday

Venue: Sydney HSK Centre, Suite 510, level 5, 451 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000

Drinks fee: $5

*Please bring your own food if you want

Please send us your speech transcripts before 1st August Thursday if you would like to give a speech on that day. 
We will select some representative articles from some participants who will be able to do a speech on that day.

爱是白头偕老的相守?爱是只争朝夕的浪漫? “爱情”是什么?由您定义。爱情是一个永恒的话题,幸福没有唯一的标准,送给自己一场多文化精神盛宴。






茶饮费: $5