23 Jan 2017

“Chinese Bridge” 2016 Qualifying Event

Sydney HSK Centre successfully hosted the “Chinese Bridge” qualifying event again in 2016.”Chinese Bridge” is the annual Chinese contest which is sponsored by Hanban. It is divided into the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese contest for world university students and the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese contest for middle school students. Its aim is to provide a stage to demonstrate the level of Chinese competency for youth and teenagers all over the world and to create a mutual learning and communication platform to stimulate their enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese, and also to enhance the understanding of Chinese language and Chinese culture. Each year the contestants of their respective countries need to participate in the preliminary contest, and the winners will be invited to China to participate in the semi-finals and finals.

Our centre has successfully hosted the “Chinese Bridge” qualifying event since 2007. On the morning of May 29th, 13 contestants from a number of universities in the Sydney area demonstrated their obsession with China and for Chinese culture, as well as the understanding and application of Chinese, at the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre. The theme of this contest was “Dreams lighten up the future”. Finally, the sophomore Hamid Sediqi (Chinese name is Han Bao) from the University of Western Sydney won the first place prize. The performance won the applause of the audience and the judges. Many of them have been to China and know quite a lot about Chinese culture. Later on in the afternoon, the ninth “Chinese Bridge” Chinese contest for middle School students was held as well. Amay Jain, a student from the Sydney King’s School won the first prize.

The judges and guests attended this event including the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney Education Counsellor professor Wang Xiaojia and the consular Liu Jianbo, NSW education senior government officer and the charger of community hall international exchange program, the director of Confucius institute professor Shi Shuangyuan, the dean of NSW association of Chinese teachers, the President of the senior Meng Xiangqing, Member of parliament in Kogarah NSW Chris Minns, the head of HSK centre Wang Xinhui, the director of Confucius institute at University of New South Wales Xi junfang, the director of Confucius institute at University of Sydney Yan Feng, the director of Chinese department at University of western Sydney Qi Ruying, and the senior Chinese teacher Zhao Lijiang,etc. The judges and guests gave this event high praise.


“汉语桥”是由中国国家汉办主办的中文比赛,分为“汉语桥” 世界大学生中文比赛和“汉语桥”世界中学生中文比赛,旨在为世界各国学习汉语的青年学生提供一个展示汉语能力的舞台,创造一个互相学习和交流的平台,以激励其学习汉语的热情和兴趣,增进对汉语和中华文化的理解。每年参赛选手首先在各自所在国家参加预赛,优胜者应邀前往中国参加复赛和决赛。

我中心从2007年起就一直承办“汉语桥”悉尼预选赛。第十五届(2016)“汉语桥”预选赛于5月29日上午在悉尼的Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre举行。本次的主题是“梦想点亮未来”,来自悉尼地区多所大学的13名选手在此充分展示了他们对汉语和中华文化的痴迷,以及对中文的了解和应用。西悉尼大学大二学生Hamid Sediqi(中文名为汉宝)荣获第一名。他们的表演博得全场观众的热烈掌声,征服了评委。他们中还有不少人去过中国,对中国文化十分了解。当日下午还举行了第九届“汉语桥”世界中学生中文比赛,The King’s School的学生Amay Jain荣获第一名。

出席当天赛事的评委和嘉宾包括中国驻悉尼总领事馆教育参赞王小佳教授和领事刘剑波,新州教育与社区厅国际交流项目高级官员、孔子学院澳方院长史双元教授,新州中文教师协会资深会长孟祥勍、新州高嘉华议员柯民思(Chris Minns),悉尼汉语水平考试中心王新辉主任,新南威尔士大学孔子学院奚俊芳院长,悉尼大学孔子学院严峰院长,西悉尼大学中文系主任齐汝莹,西悉尼大学资深中文老师赵立江老师等。各位评委和嘉宾对本次圆满开展的比赛都赞不绝口。


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